Monday, February 28, 2011

Senate GOP introduces “opposition to tax increases” Resolution

The Colorado Senate Republicans have introduced a Senate Resolution stating an “opposition to tax increases” during the 68th General Assembly, a pledge that coincides with the remarks made by Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper that Coloradans “have no appetite to raise taxes.”

“Colorado families and businesses have said loud and clear they do not want any more taxes during this recession,” said Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp. “They know a tax increase will only exacerbate the economic slowdown and that like them, government must live within its means.”

The Senate Republicans’ resolution comes only days after Democrat Senator Rollie Heath said he intends to propose a tax increase, saying he “cannot accept the response that the citizens of this state don't want to raise taxes.”

Assistant Minority Leader Bill Cadman countered this statement by saying, “We hear the wishes of Colorado citizens, but unlike Senator Heath, we believe them! We are committed to protecting Colorado families and businesses from Heath’s insatiable appetite to take more of their money.”

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