Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coffman and Lamborn respond to averted Federal shutdown

Mike Coffman (R-CD6) and Doug Lamborn (R-CD5) released the following statements Tuesday in response to the passage of a short term continuing resolution which reduces spending by $4 billion and funds government operations for two weeks, until March 18, 2011:

Rep. Coffman - “I would not have voted for the two week extension of the Continuing Resolution without meaningful spending cuts and now it’s up to the Senate to either accept the cuts or risk a shutdown of the federal government.”

Rep. Lamborn - “These cuts reflect this Republican Majority’s continued commitment to significantly reduce spending, to rein in the nation’s exploding deficits and debt, and to help our economy continue on the road to recovery.

“Clearly, it would have been more responsible for the Senate to act on the hard-fought and thoughtfully crafted funding legislation that the House passed last month. That bill will save taxpayers $100 billion compared to the President’s request.”

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