Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 3.16.2011

Sen. Kopp: “Spice Not Pot”
This legislative session has already seen the arrival of proposals to tweak the state's medical marijuana regulations and establish THC driving limits. It's no surprise, then, that HB 134, sponsored by Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp, has been described as a ban of synthetic marijuana. But while the measure refers to a substance known as Spice or K2 as "synthetic cannabinoids," Kopp feels the "synthetic marijuana" term is "a misnomer of the highest order." …. Read More

AG Suthers awards foreclosure hotline $600,000
Attorney General John Suthers awarded the Colorado Foreclosure Hotline a two-year, $600,000 grant to continue to provide foreclosure help to state residents….. Read More

Lamborn introduces new bill to defund NPR
Congressman Doug Lamborn Tuesday introduced H.R. 1076, a bill that would prohibit all federal funding of National Public Radio (NPR)….. Read More

Sen. Giron promotes hydroelectricity
Senator Angela Giron, (D-Pueblo), has reached across the aisle to create hydroelectric jobs for Southern Colorado….. Read More

Prescription ‘brownies’ survive challenge
Edible marijuana survived a challenge in Colorado on Tuesday when a state lawmaker withdrew her proposal to ban pot-infused products in favor of optional child-proof packaging standards. The House Judiciary approved the bill 7-3 after it was changed to allow, but not require, state regulators to call for tamper-proof packaging. No edible products were banned….. Read More

Denver’s write-in mayoral candidate
Paul Noel Fiorino was among six mayoral hopefuls who didn't collect enough signatures to qualify for the ballot -- although a whopping ten others managed to do so….. Read More

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