Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Douglas County approves school voucher program

The Douglas County school board voted 7-0, Tuesday night, to move forward with a school voucher program starting this fall.

Douglas County’s voucher plan will allow 75 percent of state per-pupil funding, $4,575, to go with students to their schools of choice, starting later this year.

“It’s time for more choice, competition and innovation. Our children deserve a new approach.”” said school board President John Carson.

Jonathan Tee, with Alliance for Choice in Education said ACE has started a fund to help low-income Douglas County families with the monetary difference between the voucher and tuition.

A representative for Taxpayers for Public Education, said that they absolutely anticipate that there will be lawsuits.

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  1. It's about time that we realize the difference between public funded education and public ran education.

    The govt. doesn't belongs running the schools any more than it does operating a bakery or a coffee house.