Friday, March 11, 2011

Mayor Vidal names Denver’s new CFO

Thursday, Mayor Bill Vidal announced the appointment of Edward Scholz as Chief Financial Officer for the City and County of Denver, replacing Claude Pumilia, who is returning to the private sector as CFO of CIBER, Inc, a global information technology consulting firm headquartered in Greenwood Village. Scholz will assume his new role as Denver’s CFO upon Pumilia’s last day, March 21.

Scholz, who is currently serving as Deputy Chief Financial Officer and Budget Director for the City, oversees a $2 billion budget and operation that includes performance management, financial analysis and long-term capital improvement planning. In his new role as head of the Department of Finance, Scholz will oversee the Assessment Division, Budget and Management Division, the Controller’s Office, Denver Motor Vehicle Division, Risk Management and Treasury. He will also head the Structural Financial Task Force (SFTF), the group charged with addressing Denver’s long-term structural imbalance between operating revenues and expenditures.

Scholz holds an MBA in Human Resources and Non-Profit Management and a BS in Finance from Binghamton University in New York.

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