Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sen. Borphy wants to make Colorado’s February caucuses binding

State Senator Greg Borphy, R –Wray, introduced a bill that will put Colorado in the national spotlight as the states late presidential primary would be replaced by making the results of our February caucuses binding for presidential delegates.

National Republican Committeeman, and former State Senate Majority Leader, Mark Hillman weighed in on Sen. Brophy’s plan by saying, "It’s high time we 'caucus for keeps' in Colorado. Voters should know that their vote on caucus night isn't just a straw poll."

Republican Party Chairman, Dick Wadhams, added, "Colorado Republicans can play an important role in selecting our 2012 presidential nominee by binding our national convention delegates to vote in accordance with the outcome of our Precinct Caucus Presidential Preference Poll. Our precinct caucuses will reflect the grassroots sentiments of Colorado Republicans and our national convention delegates should honor that."

"With our primary date being in August, presidential candidates can pretty much ignore Colorado until after the national conventions. By making our caucus votes binding, Colorado will benefit from increased early attention by all of the candidates vying for our votes," said Brophy.

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