Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Task Force on Drunk Driving lives on

The heat is still on thanks to legislation signed into law by the Governor this afternoon.

Senate Bill 93, sponsored by State. Rep. Glenn Vaad and Sen. Steve King keeps the state’s Interagency Task Force on Drunk Driving operating.

“The Task Force has done a great deal to keep Colorado’s streets safe,” said Vaad, R-Mead. “By keeping the task force in operation, we’re helping ensure drivers get the message that Colorado doesn’t tolerate drunk driving.”

The ITFDD is credited with creating programs to train officers to spot drunk driving, to perform sobriety tests, and to provide funding for local entities to set-up checkpoints during high-visibility enforcement periods.

The task force is probably most recognized for its “Heat Is On!” program, which resulted in as many as 531 statewide arrests during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday alone.

“Senate Bill 93 is critical in that it continues the work of the DUI Task Force,” said Senator Steve King, R-Grand Junction. “This allows continued collaboration and consensus building among agencies and law enforcement in their efforts to reduce drunk driving and the loss of life and injury that result from this criminal behavior.”

The law, which received unanimous support in both the House and Senate, went into effect immediately.

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