Friday, April 1, 2011

Gessler urges the JBC to reconsider its overly harsh cuts

Secretary of State Scott Gessler yesterday shared the office’s costs for employee provided cell phones. The announcement comes in response to a recent Associated Press article describing how much Colorado government agencies and departments pay for employee cell phones. Currently, the Secretary of State’s 130-employee office pays for just three employee cell phones for a total annual cost of $1,265.

“At a time when the Joint Budget Committee considers an unprecedented 27 percent cut to our IT budget, my office illustrates our commitment to maximizing the revenues provided through business filing fees,” Gessler said. “The Secretary of State’s office is serious about keeping costs low for our customers and our cell phone policy is an example of that. I urge the JBC to reconsider its overly harsh cut in order for us to provide improved online filing services to our customers.”

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