Friday, April 1, 2011

Veterans jobs bill moves on in the Senate

Thursday, a bill that helps military veterans get jobs after completing their service passed the Senate Finance Committee. The bill will now be heard by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

House Bill 1100, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader John Morse (D-Colorado Springs), requires the State of Colorado to consider an applicant's military education, training, or service when considering an applicant’s qualifications to receive a professional license or certification. Colorado currently acknowledges military experience only in dental, electrical, and plumbing licenses.

In 2009, the unemployment rate for young Iraq and Afghanistan veterans hit 21.1 percent, reflecting a tough obstacle combat veterans face as they transition home from war. According to a March 12, 2010 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, unemployment rates for Veterans of Gulf War-era II was 10.2 percent overall. Young male veterans (18-24) who served during Gulf War Era II have an unemployment rate of 21.6 percent. While the national unemployment rate is 9.0 percent, our veteran population is suffering with an overall unemployment rate of 10.2 percent reflecting many of the challenges of employment they must overcome.

Many service members at Colorado’s military bases are highly trained in disciplines ranging from Legal & Law Enforcement, Medical & Emergency, Transportation and Aviation, Construction & Engineering, Computers & Technology, Mechanical, and Plumbing and Electrical.

Senator Morse offered the following comment on the passage of the bill by the committee:

“This bill is about respecting the experience our service members gain while they are on duty. It’s time that we recognize veterans’ training and education and allow them to apply it to getting well-paying jobs once they are ready to serve as civilian. The bill just makes sense.”

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