Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March’s Denver mayoral fundraising results

The Denver mayoral candidates financial reports are in for last month, and again, Chris Romer is at the top.

During the month of March Chris Romer raised more than $280,000, followed by Carol Boigon - $152,000, Michael Hancock - $139,140, James Mejia - $129,046, Doug Linkhart - $46,357, and Theresa Spahn - $15,500.

It should be noted that the totals of two of the candidates include personal loans to their campaigns - Boigon at $100,000 and Linkhart$20,000.

The remaining four candidates , Danny Lopez, Jeff Peckman, Ken Simpson and Thomas Wolf failed to report by the deadline.

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  1. No disrespect...but?

    Stop what your doing for one minute, PLEASE?

    It is Law that Denver's Citizens and Businesses rule Denver.

    Please Read and pass it forward in your blogs, your an important voice Denver's community.

    So whether you are blogging about everything but this topic.

    I respectfully request that you help us spread the word to the none Citizen Voters of Denver all 250,000 plus.


    When it comes to Denver's politics official party affiliation HAS NO BUSINESS IN DENVER'S BUSINESS

    I'm reaching out to the Citizen Voters of Denver to say enough is enough.

    Denver's current Finance Committee; Councilwoman Jeanne Faatz, Councilman Charlie Brown, Councilman Michael B. Hancock, Councilwoman Peggy Lehmann, Councilwoman Carol Boigon and the @ Lager City Council members like Councilman Doug Linkhart as well as others?

    Our Auditor Dennis Gallagher and Clay Vigoda do they run Denver, are they the ones that okay the Denver’s illegal contracts?

    The Denver Police and Sheriff; Whistle-Blower protection under Denver's Whistle Blower protection law; when a Denver's City Council gave voted themselves a PAY Raise.. In one of the worst economical times and has no regard to its Police Department who has not received a Pay Raise in 3 years.

    How would you Citizen Voter feel if you wake up every morning and don't know you might not make it back to your wife, girlfriend, children and friends?

    Marcus Giavanni
    Mayoral Write-In Candidate
    The City and County of Denver

    This is not Spam: The FCC considers the "Do Not Call Registry" a guide for Email Spam. Political Committees, Candidates, Charities and Surveyors are exempt from this registry.