Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kathleen Curry mounts legal challenge in Colorado House district 61

Kathleen Curry is hoping a large number of ballots that did not show a vote in her race are because people forgot to check the box before writing in her name.

Getting total vote counts from Tuesday’s election has been hard to come by in the five counties that make up the district, which stretches from Garfield to Hinsdale counties.

As a result, there are no reliable vote counts showing where she stands in the race.

Curry mounted a write-in campaign because she left the Democratic Party late last year, and it was too late to make the ballot.

The three-term state representative already has filed a lawsuit against the Secretary of State’s Office over its ruling that because ballot-counting machines can only read those boxes, anyone who doesn’t check them won’t be counted.

Curry, however, says that is not what state law requires, and she plans to file a second suit to force the counties to count all of those ballots, by hand if necessary.

“We don’t know the results of this race yet,” she said. “Gunnison doesn’t have any (write-in) votes published anywhere, and we don’t know what the under vote is. That under vote is turning into the big issue. Those are the ballots that the box wouldn’t be filled in. It’s turning into a real big number.”   - More -

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